Learn to fly on guitar

Learn to play confidently with agility and precision. Develop a deep knowledge of chords, scales, modes and arpeggios and build an intuitive improvisational ability. Master Electric, Acoustic or Classical guitar in a highly structured learning environment using the National Rockschool syllabus (up to grade 8) or the Trinity Guildhall Classical syllabus (up to grade 4). Develop your playing to virtuoso standard.

Learn Electric, Acoustic or Classical

Learn a wide range of styles and technique. rhythm guitar, lead guitar, improvisation. New metal, jazz blues, atlantic soul, blues, texas blues, rockabilly, funk, Reggae, Rock and folk. Strumming, finger picking and classical playing.

Learn classic tracks

Play a large repertoire of electric and acoustic guitar classics by the greats such David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy page, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil young and David Bowie. Learn to sight read either in classical notation or tablature as well as understanding scale and chord diagrams. Learn to solo using pentatonic scales, blues scales, major scales and modes, minor scales, maj and m7 arpeggios and many more.

Quality video lessons

See me teach with over 30 free video lessons covering scales, theory, technique and many classic guitar tracks and solos. Also you can watch videos of myself and my students playing rock tracks and electric and acoustic classics, classical guitar, original compositions, short solos and recorded songs.

All ages and levels of ability are welcome. If you're a beginner you can pick up great technique from the start. If you are already competent but stuck in a rut then you can discover new techniques and directions.